Year 2


Welcome to Year 2!

Year 2 class moto

In year 2 we listen to each other and share. 

We practise and persevere.

We are kind and we think of others.

We are creative.

We are good role models and we are sensible.

We are problem solvers and we always try our best.

We ask questions and we always want to learn more. 

In Year 2 we value everyone and recognise that all individuals are special. We work hard to be the best we possibly can be. We do this through working together, playing together and learning together.

We like to work creatively to be enthusiastic and independent learners and we achieve this through utilising a wide range of learning styles. This year we will be covering the topics: Florence Nightingale; Festive Fun; Habitats and Explorers; One Picture; The Great Fire of London; Africa.