Results 2018



  • 75% pupils attained a good level of development.
  • Outcomes for a good level of development were in line with the national average.

Year 1 phonics screening:

  • Outcomes were in line with national figures at 81%.

End of KS1:

  • Outcomes for Reading Writing and Maths are lower than national figures for expected levels. 
  • Outcomes for greater depth are in line with national figures for Writing & Maths. 
  • A high proportion of disadvantage pupils (38%) and/ or children with SEND (22%) within a small cohort had a significant impact on published outcomes.
  • All outcomes for the core cohort were inline with National levels.  
  • The percentage of children making expected or better progress from EYFS to KS1 was 82 - 100 %

Alternative assessment applies for some of the children in Class 3 (ASD resourced provision). The results above do not include the outcomes for the children in Class 3. Published national data includes outcomes for children in Class 3.