Meet the Governors

Hi my names Kala Wild.  I am a parent governor at your school. As a governor I help your head teacher to make decisions about your school and the things that you learn and enjoy. As governors we are part of a team that includes you and we all work towards making your school fun, exciting and interesting. I am a mum to Ollie (6 years old), Sylvie (3) and Jay(17), both my boys went to Central Street and my sister and I did too. I feel so lucky to live in Hebden Bridge and be part of such an important part of our town. I've had lots of experience of working with people that look after children and this helps me to come up with ideas to make your school even better. I like listening to what children have to say so if you would like to give me some of your ideas I would love to hear them.





My name is Sally Tayler. I am a parent governor at Central Street and Stubbings Infant Schools (or the Hebden Bridge Infant Schools Federation, to give it its posh name!) I really enjoy being a governor because I think the infant schools in Hebden Bridge do a brilliant job of working with children and families. I think they are exciting and interesting places and I am proud to be part of the work that they do. As a governor I make sure that everything in school is the best it can possibly be. I work in lots of different schools throughout Calderdale and sometimes in other areas too.  In my spare time I like to go to my allotment and grow vegetables. I also like reading and visiting new places.





Hello, I am Mia Simons and I am a governor at Central Street and Stubbings Infant Schools. Governors help children, families and teachers to make sure that schools are the best they can be. I really wanted to do this role because I think our schools give children a fantastic start to their education and I wanted to help them carry on doing this. I have been a teacher in lots of different schools and also worked with children and families in Sure Start Children’s Centres although at the moment I am at home with my children. In my spare time I like to go for walks and cook cakes.




My name is Amanda Ward. I have been a school governor for over 10 years and have been working with Stubbings and Central Street throughout the process of Federation and on the journey since. I feel passionately about the school governor role as I want our children’s early school experience to be entirely positive, I loved those early years at school and would like all our children to have the same great time. I am a qualified accountant, so bring financial skills to the board, and aim to get the very best value from every pound spent on behalf of our children. I grew up in Hebden Bridge but now live in Todmorden, and I have a daughter at university. When I get free time, which is quite rare just now, I love researching my family history and when it is not raining, walking in the crags.



Hello my name is Russell King, and I am a governor at your school. In my life I have worked in hospitals, helping nurses and doctors to run them so when people are poorly, they get better quicker. I’ve also been a teacher, and have helped run sports events such as the Olympic Games and the Tour de France. I now write books and give lessons to help those people who do those things. I have a grown-up daughter who is a psychologist, and both of my nephews who are also now grown up went to Stubbings. I want to help your headteacher to run your school well and to make it is good a school as we possibly can. I think children will have very good ideas on how to do that. In my spare time I love playing board games, watching sport, running, and speaking French and Spanish.



My name is Jenny Melling and I am very proud and privileged to be the Executive Head teacher of the Hebden Bridge Infant Schools Federation. In my role I work closely with governors throughout the year to lead the schools forward and improve the schools. Working with governors is really interesting. I talk to them about what is happening in the schools, provide them with evidence and they ask me some really challenging questions. This makes me reflect and helps me to think about the next steps for the schools. Governors also provide a lot of support as sometimes I have some very difficult decisions to make.  I absolutely love my job and find it really rewarding and stimulating.  When I am not at work I like to spend time with my family and friends. I have a son called Milo (3) who keeps me really busy and we spend a lot of our spare time visiting parks and going for walks.