Family Consultations

 At Central Street staff are available to speak briefly to families most evenings after school (except Wednesdays when we have staff meetings). Families are also welcome to come into school and look at the classrooms.

We hold family consultations in the autumn and spring term. Families can book an appointment to discuss their child's well-being and development in more detail. Families also receive and end of year report in the summer term. 


"J has had a wonderful year at Central Street. Thank you to all the teachers and staff. We will miss you!" 


"Thank you for all your efforts with R this year. He has found a great enthusiasm for so much that the class have worked on this past year."

"Lovely report - wish we had moved him sooner. He seems to be making good progress and has settled well socially. Very pleased"


"I am very pleased with the progress both of my boys have made this year at Central

Street... I would like to thank all the staff members for supporting my boys and couldn't

be happier that they will be attending next year!"


"Lovely report and lovely school. So sad that L is leaving but he had a great start here!"


"I am pleased with S's report. He has flourished in Foundation and learned so much."


"Very pleased at how well J has progressed, all thanks to the wonderful support he

gets at school."


"It is immensely humbling to read of L's continuing progress and development. Here's

to a bright educational future.