Hebden Bridge Schools Federation

Central Street Infant and Nursery School and Stubbings Infant School are joined together with Riverside Junior School in a Federation.  This means that they share school leadership and a single Governing Body.

Governors are responsible for the quality of education our children receive at both schools.  It is not our role to manage the schools.  Our role is to set the long term strategic direction and vision for the Federation, to appoint school leaders who will manage the schools and then to keep regular oversight of what is happening in the schools.  We do this by visiting school and having regular meetings with school leaders. 

Our Governors come from the local community, from parents and from staff.  We have a Code of Conduct that describes what we expect from individual Governors.  All Governing Bodies have an Instrument of Governance that sets out how the Governing Body is formed, We also have Terms of Reference that set out our approach to governing two schools.


Governing Body 

Member Role Committee Link Areas Start Date End Date
Amanda Ward Chair, Local Authority Governor Finance, Staff & Pay Committee 

School Website

Leadership & Management

16.12.20 15.12.24



Vice Chair

Parent Governor   

Finance, Staff & Pay Committee


16.12.20 15.12.24
Lucy Caswell Executive Head
Ben Cliff Co-opted Governor (subject to ratification Dec 2021) Finance, Staff & Pay Committee Health & Safety 16.12.20 15.12.24

Ian Davies

Co-opted Governor Chair Curriculum & Standards Committee Maths & Assessment 16.12.20 15.12.24
Jo Doherty Co-opted Governor Curriculum & Standards Committee SEN/Inclusion & Wider Curriculum 16.12.20 15.12.24
Giles Dring Co - opted Governor

Finance, Staff & Pay Committee

Cyber Security 16.12.20 15.12.24
Jonas Thiel

Parent Governor

Curriculum & Standards Committee 16.12.20 15.12.24



Co-opted Governor

Curriculum & Standards Committee

Wider Curriculum 16.12.20 15.12.24

Lisa Tregellas

Staff Governor Curriculum & Standards Committee 16.12.20 15.12.24
Alex Christou Co-opted Governor Curriculum & Standards Committee 16.12.20 15.12.24



The Governors meet at least 5 times each year to discuss the strategic direction of the school. There are 2 sub committees which conduct most of the business:

  • The Curriculum and Standards Committee which looks at the standards, progress and care of the children. The Chair of this committee is Ian Davies. 
  • The Finance, Staffing and Pay Committee is responsible for budget, buildings and staffing issues. The Chair of this committee is Mia Simons.

These 2 committees report to all Governors at the Full Governors meetings

The Clerk to the Governing Body is Jane Milne.

If you wish to contact the Governors you can write to the Chair or the Clerk care of the school or contact using the following email address:


Code of Conduct

Terms of Reference

Governance Handbook

Declarations of Interest

Instrument of Governance


Federated Governing Body - Governance Information