Years 1 & 2


Welcome to Key Stage 1!

In our class we make good choices. 

We are polite.

We will try our best.

We respect everyone.

We will learn lots!

We take care of each other.

In Key Stage 1 we recognise that all individuals are special and we all have different skills. We work hard to be the best we possibly can be and challenge ourselves so we can improve. We do this through working together, playing together and learning together.

We like to work creatively and to be enthusiastic and independent learners. This year our topics include: Famous Faces (where we will learn about Alan Turing, Ada Lovelace, the Queen, Malala Yousafzai and Guy Fawkes), Fur, Feathers and Fins where we find out all about living things, and Local Wonders.

In Art and Design, we have been using textiles to develop our ideas and imagination. We have looked at other artists and craftspeople's work and thought about how they use colour, decoration and pattern to give us inspiration for our under sea weaving.

We really enjoy staying active with Judo Excellence, Arty-physical dance, Project Sport and Skip to be Fit!

We went to the park to search for signs of Autumn.